Montreal's Grand Prix F1 Weekend at Ferreira

Ferreira Café is known to be one of the best restaurant during Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal.

Formula 1’s entire enthusiasm and energy will gather on Peel street and at the restaurant Ferreira Café from June 6th to the 9th 2019!

Montreal’s F1 Grand Prix at Ferreira is a combination of great gastronomy, delightful wines and a party (yet elegant) atmosphere.

Early reservation are strongly suggested!

Your Table at Ferreira
Group Reservations

For all groups of 8 people or more, contact Charlotte Grisé [email protected] or 514-848-0988 x1.
Your Private Terrasse
Grand Prix Exclusive Experiences

Your private terrace on Peel street for a lunch or evening. Private marquee in the center of the action while enjoying the best gastronomic experience and service.
Your Private Room
Grand Prix Exclusive Experiences

A private and versatile space, completely separate from the restaurant, and tailored to meet countless personalized requests. Access to our balconies with a view on Peel’s festivities.