Ferreira Catering

Ferreira is not only renowned for the quality of its products and the diversity its flavours, but also for its impeccable service and authentic approach. Gourmet Portugal proposes a dynamic, modern and inventive cuisine. And Ferreira Catering brings this to life.

Whatever your needs, our event department
will accompany you every step of the way.


Banquets and Weddings
The way your event looks and feels and tastes will speak volumes. This is why we provide personalized and flawless service down to the very last detail. Whether your gathering is for friends, for participants or for a large celebration, Ferreira Catering will propose the perfect
venue, entertainment and culinary experience that meets your goals and budget.

Menu starting at $55 per person

Cocktails and Food Stations
Gourmet appetizers and dishes, seasonal vegetables, delicacies from land and sea, thematic workshops ... the range of dishes proposed by our chefs is constantly renewed, drawing inspiration from our rich Portuguese heritage.

Starting at $3.50 per amuse-bouche

Private Chef
Why not host an out-of-the ordinary dinner at home? For family, friends or colleagues, Ferreira Catering will create an exceptional event. The finest dishes, a wide choice of tableware, floral décor…our Portuguese gourmet masterminds will orchestrate a dinner with taste and personality.

Dinner packages starting from $2,500



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